"What Mae Brings" : A Novel

Melissa L. Berger

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Paperback, 192 Pages



Mae is a shy, but not so naive young woman, hopeful in starting her new life alone. She wants to attend college for the arts, get a job, and begin an independent life in a brand new town. Renting an inexpensive guesthouse sounds like a perfect start. Until she discovers a hidden duffel bag and finds herself over-her-head in clues that grow sinister. There's a missing girl in town, Genevieve. Who is Genevieve and what happened to her? Genevieve too had lived at this guesthouse, that’s all Mae knows. The police get involved and then Mae turns up missing. This quiet town has secrets... and some secrets beg to stay buried. This rollercoaster ride never lessons as we follow Mae, Genevieve, and more, on a tale-by-tale story that intertwines and unveils a final surprising conclusion. One spark, one moment in time, one accident... can ignite a fire that spreads and cannot be controlled. “Justice, revenge, compassion, and grief, are emotions that can overtake one's soul.” Will Mae bring hope? Will she find the answers in time? Will she get justice? ...and will she survive?