Winter Holiday Collection by Meli-RLO


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Hand Painted Porcelain Serving Bowls for The Winter Holidays!

Each Sold Separately:


Large Angled POINSETTIA / HOLLY Porcelain Serving Bowl, (26 Oz.)


(Small & Tall) Slant POINSETTIA / HOLLY Porcelain Bowl,  4.75" (5 Oz.)


Mango-Shaped Porcelain Bowl, (14 Oz.) with  Pine, Acorns, and Lights


Snowflake design, Porcelain Cauldron-Style (14 Oz.) Hand-Painted Candy Dishes

4 Colors Available, Shimmer Paint, Two-tone Bowls:

Shimmer Red & Bronze

Shimmer Fuchsia & Pink

Shimmer Navy & Silver

Shimmer Green & Gold